Refund policy and Cancellation policy

Please read the following policies carefully before using any service provided by «AirShape FZCO». Your use of «AirShape FZCO» products will be governed by these policies, and by using «AirShape FZCO» products, you agree to them.


«AirShape FZCO» ("AirShape FZCO", "We", "Us", "Our", "Company") develops mobile applications ("Our Products"). Our Apple Applications may be downloaded from the App Store, which is operated and owned by Apple Inc. and other companies within its group ("Apple"). Our Android Applications may be downloaded from Google Play, which is owned and operated by Google Inc. and other companies within its group ("Google"). The «AirShape FZCO» website (the "Website"), all other products and services, including mobile apps (the "Application"), and all content offered as part thereof, are collectively referred to herein as the "Services" and are offered to you by «AirShape FZCO». Our goal is to help people lead a healthy way of life through health and well-being activities. Our Products offer content, features, functionality, and other information and services including, without limitation, viral, embeddable or application/device-based features and related technology, also when accessed via the Internet, mobile or other devices (collectively, "Our Services"). We develop Our Products for informational purposes only. You must ALWAYS consult your physician or doctor before starting any program. Subscribers, account holders, customers, users, and others who download, access, use, purchase and/or subscribe to the Services ("you") agree to these Refund and Cancellation Policy (the "Refund policy and Cancellation policy"). By agreeing to these Refund and Cancellation Policy, you confirm that you are solely responsible for your state of health. These Refund and Cancellation Policy govern your use of the Services and are a condition to your use of the Services.

Refund Policy

Within 48 hours: You may be able to get a refund depending on the details of the purchase. After 48 hours: Developers have their own policies and legal requirements and may be able to give you a refund. To troubleshoot and find out if you can get a refund, contact us by email At all our Apps, all payment subscriptions are manually paid by the members with auto renewal option. Google may give refunds for some Google Play purchases, depending on the refund policies described below. You can also contact us directly by email


You can only return an app or game for a refund once. If you buy it again you can't get a refund. If a refund is issued, you'll lose access to the item. If you buy multiple items in one purchase, you can only refund the entire purchase. You can't refund individual items of that purchase.